This program has been replaced for now by SoulCollage. It is another creative way for caregivers to explore their challenges.
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Take a moment out of your busy schedule to replenish yourself, connect with your creative self and with other caregivers.

AMI-Quebec is offering a new workshop called Coping Through Art Expression. No art experience is required. If you are a caregiver struggling to maintain your balance while caring for a loved one touched by mental illness, you may find the experience of self-discovery and some respite rewarding.

The workshop will invite you to give creative expression to a personal challenge you are currently living as a caregiver and help you explore how you can overcome this challenge. You will be in the company of other caregivers who share similar experiences. 

The approach of Blanche Moskovici, AMI counselor and art therapist, is contemplative, creative and intuitive, using diverse artistic tools and creative arts therapies techniques to facilitate self-expression. You will work in small groups with chosen materials and co-create a story together, followed by a discussion between participants, encouraging you to discover what personal and hidden meanings the creative process reveals to you.

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