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Enhancing Resilience

Carers: Improve your ability to face difficult situations and support others in recovering from trying times. Join us as we explore resilience together and learn how to enhance or strengthen yours. 

Creative Expression

It can be difficult to be a caregiver to someone living with mental illness. SoulCollage is an innovative and creative way to explore your own challenges and how they can be overcome.

Coping Skills Workshop

Do you have a hard time communicating what you want to say?
Is it difficult for you to adjust your expectations?
Are anger or frustration frequent visitors in your conversations?
Is setting limits difficult for you?
Are you taking good care of yourself?


There’s nothing more discouraging than repeatedly trying to convince a relative who is ill to get help when your efforts fall on deaf ears. Come and learn how to better communicate with your ill loved one.


If you are a student and need help with your mental health, one of the best places to start is your school. We have listed a selection of Montreal-area universities and CEGEPs here, but you can always speak to your guidance counselor or ask a teacher for help.

Annual Report 2017

Interested in a snapshot of AMI’s 2016-17 year? Check out our Annual Report! This is an overview of our programs and services over the past year and includes a special thanks to all our volunteers and donors. Please click HERE or on the image below to view AMI’s 2016-17 Annual Report.