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Introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder

Introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder

This introduction session for caregivers will provide basic knowledge on Borderline Personality Disorder: what it is, what are some of the challenges, and what can be done to reduce conflicts. Please note that these sessions provide preliminary information only; to have a better understanding of the condition and how to cope, click HERE for a resource sheet and see other programs below. 

An information session is scheduled for Wednesday, April 12, 6:00-8:00 pm, at the AMI office (5800 Decarie). It is for caregivers only (for family or friends of someone living with BPD). 

Registration is required and participation is on a first come basis. Please complete the form below or call 514-486-1448. 

We also have a BPD support group for caregivers: click HERE
For information about our next Family Connections program, click HERE

Introduction to BPD--April 12, 2017



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