One Session Coping Skills Workshops

Do you have a hard time communicating what you want to say?
Is it difficult for you to adjust your expectations?
Are anger or frustration frequent visitors in your conversations?
Is setting limits difficult for you?
Are you taking good care of yourself?

Caregiving is daunting! Caregivers often report at least some of these experiences, and despite their best intentions, their relationship with the ill relative is often challenged for one reason or another.

To address these challenges and improve the way we respond to them, we are offering a series of one-session workshops, focused on coping skills. In these workshops you will be able to explore what pushes your buttons, how you react in difficult situations and how you can modify your reaction so you accomplish what you want.  We will use role-playing to explore common pitfalls and how not to fall into them.

These workshops are free! To register, please complete the form below or call 514-486-1448. Some programs have a waiting list; we will contact you to confirm your registration.

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