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Distance Education For Schools

Distance Education For Schools


AMI-Québec is a non-profit organization that helps families manage the effects of mental illness through support, education, guidance, and advocacy. We talk about mental health and mental illness related issues via videoconferencing to classes in high schools, CEGEPS, and Universities, and to community organizations, across Quebec.

We have been presenting education sessions on mental health to schools for well over a decade now. All of our education sessions are free, and are designed to be interactive, engaging, current and inspirational.


A trained presenter opens the session by explaining the different major mental health issues, including a description of mental illnesses, warning signs, and coping strategies. The presenter will then introduce a volunteer speaker to share his/her personal story on how they overcame their struggles with mental illness. A question and answer period follows.

To request a presentation please click HERE to fill out a request form. To discuss an existing request, or for other inquiries, you can email Kate Fredette ( or call 514-486-1448 (1-877-303-0264 outside Montreal).


Mental illness can strike at any age. One in five Canadians will at some point experience a mental illness, and all Canadians are likely to be affected through someone they love. AMI-Québec’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign is aimed at increasing understanding of mental health, removing the stigma still associated with it and demonstrating that recovery is possible, through education, and proper medical and emotional support.

In Québec, it is estimated that 3% of 13 to 19 year olds suffer from clinical depression and that only 30% receive treatment. Those with undiagnosed and untreated mental illness often grow up to be adults with even more severe and persistent disorders. The best hope for children at risk for serious mental illness lies in early detection, and this should be possible during childhood and youth – the most intensely watched developmental periods in life.

Mental health problems can interfere with a student’s behaviour and performance. Often such problems go unrecognized, leading to a downward spiral in the student’s academic and social success. Students may become aggressive, suicidal or start using drugs or alcohol in an effort to cope. If caught early, these problems need not develop into lifelong patterns or interrupt a student’s life.


AMI-Québec is committed to educating parents, teachers, students and the community about early detection in order to avert the devastation that long-term mental illness can cause. We strongly believe that increased awareness, better understanding and reduced stigma can encourage those in need to seek help and minimize the long-term impacts of mental illness.