Peer Support in the Douglas and Jewish General Hospital ERs

AMI-Quebec offers information and support to caregiving families who go to the Emergency room of the Douglas Institute or the Jewish General Hospital with a relative or friend in crisis.  A family peer support worker with caregiving experience meets one on one with families. Their role is to listen and support caregiving families going through a time of crisis. Depending on the needs of the caregivers, they may share coping skills or orient them toward additional useful resources in their community. Based on their own experience and on their knowledge of the hospital organization they can also provide information about the hospital treatment units, the role of an emergency unit, privacy laws, rights of patients, and court order procedures.

For more information about the Family Peer Support Service in the ER, call AMI-Quebec: 514-486-1448.

Peer Support in the ER is a project piloted by AMI-Quebec in partnership with the Douglas Mental Health University Institute and the Jewish General Hospital.