Mobile clinic for mental health is the first of its kind in Ontario

By Gabrielle Lesage, AMI’s Summer Student

As citizens, we are all too aware of the difficulties that may arise in trying to receive health services, especially mental health services. There are months, and even years, of being put on a waiting list in order to see a professional. This can cause much stress, especially if one urgently needs immediate help. It can be especially difficult for young people to have access to services without having to go through various paperwork procedures and acquiring doctor referrals.

In order to facilitate this, the Ontario local Chapter of the Canadian Mental Health Association has launched a new project called MOBYSS (Mobile York South Simcoe), a mobile RV that is a mobile clinic that will attend to the needs of youth in regards to issues such as mental health and physical health. This is revolutionary because young people will be able to access to services, such as seeing a nurse, which will enable them to get the help that they want and need without the hefty costs of hospitalization and costly doctor’s appointments.

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