We have programs that are accessible across Quebec!

Need help?

Do you have a loved one who suffers from a mental illness? Are you confused? Overwhelmed? Unsure where to turn or what to do next?

Having a loved one who suffers from a mental illness can be challenging. Here is how AMI-Québec can help you (please click on the links for more information):

– Support GroupsWeekly sessions where confidential discussion and sharing are encouraged in a small group setting.

– Education Programs9 week sessions for families living with Borderline Personality Disorder.

– Information Sessions: On mental illness and related topics, through tele-workshopswebinars, and coping skills workshops.

– Share & Care Newsletter A quarterly newsletter including information on various services, coping strategies, etc.

– LibraryA wealth of information on mental illness and related issues, including over 700 books, DVDs, videos, and journals.

– CounsellingA short term, one on one service that addresses situations or problems that caregivers may encounter when caring for someone with a mental illness.

– Resource List: an extensive list of resources in Montreal and beyond for help with specific illnesses, housing, legal rights etc.

Whether you live in the Montréal area or elsewhere in Québec, we have programs that can help you. Please call us at 514-486-1448 (1-877-303-0264 outside Montréal) and explore our website further for more information.