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April 26, 2017 from 7-8pm EST
With Estelle Hopmeyer, social worker

When a loved one suffers from severe mental illness, families may need time to grieve the loss of the person who was, and the loss of the person who may never be, before they can move on.

The process of grieving is an important, often forgotten step for caregivers of those with mental illness. Lives are changed forever by the onset of these afflictions.

Estelle Hopmeyer was the guest speaker for our Teleworkshop on Grieving Mental Illness. She discussed bereavement and non-bereavement loss, and encouraged listeners to ask general questions. Ms. Hopmeyer is a retired professor from McGill University from the School of Social Work.

Teleworkshops are information sessions on mental health related issues offered over the telephone. You call in to hear an expert present a topic and you will also have an opportunity to ask questions. This program is free and is especially ideal for families living in remote communities where access to English services may be difficult. You can access our teleworkshops from anywhere in Canada!