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One-Time Workshops

One-Time Workshops

Here at AMI we offer several one-time workshops to help you better cope with mental illness in your loved one or in yourself. Please click the blue links below for information about specific programs.

Coping Through Artistic Expression
This workshop will invite you to give creative expression to a personal challenge you are currently living as a caregiver and help you explore how it can be overcome.

Enhancing Resilience
Join us as we explore resilience together and learn how to use and practice this essential skill.

Introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder
Basic knowledge on BPD for caregivers: what it is, what are some of the challenges, and what can be done to reduce conflicts. 

Learn how to access and let go of the mind traps that keep you locked in stressful patterns of reactivity.

Skills for Caregivers
Dedicated to solving one of the stickiest worries for caregivers; how to deal with stressful situations and keep harmony in the family.

An innovative and creative way for caregivers to explore their own challenges and how they can be overcome.

These initiatives are funded in part by Health Canada through the Roadmap for Canada’s Official 
Languages 2013-2018: Education, Immigration, Communities.