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Coping With Trauma

Trauma is defined as a mental, emotional and/or physical stress reaction that occurs after an event and can lead to feelings of shock, denial, anger, or numbness. Here’s how to help yourself or someone you care about.

Caregivers 55+

Getting older while still having to take care of a loved one with mental health challenges can be difficult. This free 3 part online workshop can help.

Symposium québécois sur les jeunes aidants, 27 octobre

Vous travaillez avec des jeunes ou des familles dans le domaine de l’éducation, de la santé, du travail social ou des services communautaires ? C’est une excellente occasion pour entendre parler des meilleures pratiques et d’agir sur un aspect important de la santé mentale des jeunes ! Inscrivez-vous maintenant.


What is self-harm, what does it mean, and how we can detect it? Like many addictions, it can feel overwhelming and all-encompassing, but it is possible to stop self-harming.

Anger and Caregiving Relationships

Anger is an important emotion to explore and understand within the caregiving relationship. This free in-person workshop for family caregivers can help. Register now.