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Did you know that someone who suffers from mental illness is far more likely to be the victim of violence than the perpetrator? For help dealing with violence, anger, or abuse, please see below.


If someone you love is talking about suicide, and you are worried for their safety, call 911 or visit your local hospital. For organizations that can help, please see below.

Grief and Bereavement

Losing someone dear to you can be a difficult experience. If you need support, please consult one of the organizations below. Funeral homes may also provide resources.  


This section will guide you to places that can help you with legal matters, such as your rights, complaints related to health and social services, and curatorship, often at a free or reduced cost. When a ‘resource’ is a person (for example a notary), it does not necessarily suggest an endorsement, but rather a recommendation to […]

Help for Specific Communities

Please see below for a list of organizations that support specific cultural and ethnic communities. For immigrants and refugees, please scroll down. Immigrants and Refugees

Day Centres and Community Support

This is a listing of Day Centres in Montreal. These are places where someone struggling with mental illness can go for workshops, help with work reintegration, communal meals, or for socializing. Please explore the list below.

Family Support and Organizations

Support can make a significant difference to both people struggling with mental health challenges and their families. The organizations listed below can help! AMI-Quebec has many programs to help families cope with mental illness in a loved one.  Consider attending one of our support groups (including one for family members only), a workshop, or booking an appointment with […]