Young Carers Focus Groups

Do you know any “young carers” who would like to make $20? We are looking for people, especially those under 25, for a focus group on taking care of an ill loved one.

Board and Award Nominations

It’s time to celebrate people who make a difference! Nominate someone for an award or consider joining our Board of Directors.

Annual Campaign

Our Annual Campaign is on now. We need YOUR support to help keep all our programs free.

Caregivers Over 55: What will happen to your loved one?

Are you concerned about what will happen to your loved one who lives with serious mental or physical illness when they outlive you? This workshop will help you sort out what to do.

Supporting Aging Family Members

Do you have an elderly loved one living with mental illness or mental health challenges? This free three session workshop can help.

Family, Medicine and Madness: the 2019 Low-Beer Lecture

What was it like growing up surrounded by mental illness in a time when no one talked about it? Join us to hear James FitzGerald’s story at the 2019 Low-Beer Lecture.

AMI Rocks!

Dance the night away and support our programs on October 16!

Coping Skills

Dedicated to solving one of the stickiest worries for caregivers: how to deal with stressful situations and keep harmony in the family.

Crisis Intervention for Caregivers

The aim of this workshop is to provide caregivers with both preventive and in-the-moment crisis interventions for their loved ones.

BPD: A Family Affair

This workshop will create a climate of trust and connection for both people with BPD and family members. Explore your challenges and improve communication.