Tips for families struggling with mental illness

Mental illnesses often present challenges for family members. Families can play a critical role in helping loved ones recover, but it’s not easy! Here are some helpful tips.

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Resources for the digital age

AMI has YouTube and SoundCloud channels, both available 24/7. Find all kinds of mental health information.

Types of Mental Illness

Learn about the various types and characteristics of each mental illness and how they can be treated.

Coping Skills

Dedicated to solving one of the stickiest worries for caregivers: how to deal with stressful situations and keep harmony in the family.

Acceptance & Letting Go

This workshop looks at how we grieve mental illness and the associated losses; how we can adjust our hopes and expectations and accept what exists in the present moment.


Infographics are an easy way to learn. These facts may surprise you.

Guide for Caregivers

If you have a loved one who is living with mental health challenges, this free guide can help YOU.

Hot Topics: Effective Communication with Healthcare Professionals

This online conversation will help people feel they are being better heard when they speak with healthcare professionals. Get your questions answered!

It’s hot out there! How to take care of yourself and your loved ones

In order to protect yourself and those you are caring for from the heat, here are important suggestions.