Contract Available: Workshop Facilitator

We are looking for an experienced facilitator to develop, deliver, and evaluate interactive workshops aimed at addressing the needs of family and friends supporting loved ones with mental health challenges or illnesses.

Workshops are at the heart of our regular programs. Subjects currently include Anger and Caregiving Relationships, Coping Skills, Boundaries and Setting Limits, Acceptance and Letting Go, and De-escalating Conflict. Regular evaluation helps to add new subjects and adjust existing content.

We are looking for a facilitator to deliver interactive workshops on 5 different subjects (like the ones suggested above) that will be repeated three times per year. The usual duration of a workshop is two hours, and there are about 5-20 participants per one-time workshop. Workshops are most often held on weekdays in the early evening but some could be offered during the day. Workshops currently take place online (with tech support included for each event), but a gradual transition to holding some workshops in person is expected. This describes our current situation, but we constantly evaluate and adjust our workshops depending on needs and feedback, and we will appreciate your input as we go along.

Apart from familiarity with the mental health and related subject matters, the facilitator must be a good communicator who can make workshop material accessible and stimulating.

The contracted facilitator will be paid for the development, delivery, and evaluation of the workshops. Compensation depends on experience (for example, $60-$80 an hour for workshop delivery).

Interested applicants should send their expressed interest and experience to by June 15, 2022.

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