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Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this interactive workshop will be held online via Google Meet (it’s like Zoom).

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Relaxation Through Hypnosis

Do you have difficulty accepting that your loved one has a mental illness? Do you feel guilty that your loved one is ill, or that you can’t make things better, or that you’re not doing enough? Do you sometimes feel anxious or overwhelmed? If so, you are not alone.

Caring for a loved one with mental health issues can invoke feelings of fear, guilt and anxiety. Hypnotherapy can help you gain perspective and feel calmer when life seems like a storm.

Karen Torgerson is a certified hypnotherapist who understands the challenges and the highs and lows of supporting a loved one with a serious mental illness. It is in this context that she is pleased to offer other caregivers a free, individual hypnotherapy session.

Appointments take place via videoconference, in the comfort of your own home (yes – you can be hypnotized this way!), as long as you can meet the following requirements:

  1. You have a reliable Internet connection, as well as headphones or ear-buds.
  2. You can lie down on a bed, couch or recliner in a place where you’ll be undisturbed by pets, people or telephones.
  3. You have no psychiatric or personality disorder yourself. (Hypnotherapy is not a suitable option for people who suffer from certain disorders.)

Curious to know more about hypnosis and hypnotherapy? Click HERE or visit Karen’s website:

May 24 and/or June 1, 2022  FULL
(You can register for one or both sessions)
With Karen Torgerson
Online on Google Meet

You may also be interested in our other workshops. Click HERE for details. 

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