Recovery workshop for caregivers

The vision of Recovery suggests that every person, as sick as he/she may be, can embark on a journey of healing and transformation and can live a meaningful life while striving to achieve his/her maximum potential.

Our Recovery workshop for caregivers will introduce you to what you can do as you help your relative manage his illness, and what you can do to sustain your own health.

AMI’s programs and activities are guided by a vision of recovery. In addition to medical advice and treatment we believe that it is paramount to embrace a whole person approach, taking into consideration one’s dreams, wishes, strengths, and abilities. While the Recovery Vision refers to people with mental illness, we believe that families also need to go through their own recovery journey so they can facilitate the recovery of their loved ones while sustaining their own wellbeing. Mental illness is a family affair; all members of the family deserve whatever support they need to cope and thrive.

Since Recovery is one of the building blocks of our work, you may consider attending a Recovery workshop before joining other workshops.

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