Support Groups

Did you know that AMI offers an average of twelve support groups every month? Our groups are free and open to caregivers, family and friends, and people who are struggling with mental health challenges. Most of our groups are held at 4333 Cote Ste. Catherine Road, but we also hold a support group for families and friends once a month on the South Shore.

AMI-Québec’s support groups provide a warm welcome to everyone. There are support groups for family caregivers only, for those suffering from mental illness, and mixed groups for both. Support groups help participants feel less alone and better understand and cope with the implications of mental illness on their everyday life. Facilitated by people who have experience, either as a caregiver or having lived with mental illness, support groups help you develop a healthy perspective on mental illness, explore coping strategies, and learn about support services and resources in the community.

There is a lot more information on our Support Group page HERE or call us at 514-486-1448. And check out our videos below!