Toolkits and Guides for Young Carers

If you are a young person who is affected by or cares for a family member who has a chronic illness, disability, mental health or substance use issue and/or problems related to old age, these resources are for you! If you are a teacher/doctor/social worker who supports young people, or if you care about someone who is a young carer, there’s lots of good information here for you too. 

To view services available to support youth who support a loved one, view our Young Carer and Young Adult Carer Resource List here. We also have a support group (click here) once a month for young carers aged 18-30. 

Click here for more information about young carers.

For anything relating to young carers, write to Oliver, our Young Carers Coordinator:

Introducing KARE Magazine!

This magazine, available in English or in French, includes information and stories about what being a young carer is like, emotional regulation and self-care strategies, tips for balancing school and caregiving, media recommendations, and where to find help. 

I want activities and information for young carers and their supporters…

At this site, there are sections for young carers, their parents and caregivers, and healthcare professionals, educators and social workers.

Here are some common concerns young carers face. Click on the options below for tools.

When your parent has a mental illness
A handbook with stories and tips from young people in Quebec with a parent with a mental illness.

Quand ton parent a un trouble mentale
Un guide d’histoires et de conseils de jeunes du Québec dont un parent a des troubles mentales.

Holland Bloorview SibKit
Holland Bloorview hospital put together this activities and info booklet that can help understand your sibling’s diagnosis, care, and recognize all the ways you help your sibling. 

A Guide to Communicating with Family for Adults Who Have Siblings with Disabilities
This guide by Siblings Canada can help you navigate sensitive conversations about the future with your family members. 

A Guide To Understanding Finances for Adults Who Have Siblings with Disabilities
This guide by Siblings Canada is for adults looking to build their awareness and understanding of financial matters related to the long-term financial security of their siblings with disabilities.

Biblio-Santé thematic booklets
Booklets that inform health system users and caregivers about various illnesses, challenges, and situations (cancer, intellectual disability, bereavement, mental health, etc). Each booklet provides a list of organizations, a selection of relevant websites, and reading and film suggestions.

Cahiers thématiques Biblio-Santé
Cahiers qui informent les usagers du système de santé et les proches aidants sur diverses maladies, défis et situations (cancer, la déficience intellectuelle, le deuil, la santé mentale, etc.). Chaque livret propose une liste d’organisations, une sélection de sites Internet pertinents, et des suggestions de lectures et de films. Be There
This digital, self-paced learning experience is designed to increase mental health literacy and provide youth with the knowledge, skills, and confidence they need to safely support anyone who may be struggling with their mental health.

Arborescence Equipe-toi
Ces formations en ligne ont pour but d’aider les jeunes à accompagner un-e ami-e ou un proche vivant avec un trouble de santé mentale.

Tools for Professionals

Important information about young carers (videos and handouts)

Proche aidance Québec (formerly RANQ) recently developed videos and a guide on young carers, all aimed at increasing awareness; the videos target the education and healthcare sectors, as well as young carers themselves. Recognizing that young carers are often the last ones to identify themselves as young carers, it is hoped that these tools will facilitate recognition and lead to young carers seeking help and support. 

Click here for the other videos in this series, including ones specifically for people working in education and health care (et pour les videos en français).

Our bilingual handout on young carers in Quebec gives a basic overview of the challenges they face and examples of support in action. Click on the images below to enlarge. Please download and share!

If you’d like physical copies for your class, clinic, or community, contact Oliver:

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