Caregiver Group

Mental illness is a ‘family affair’; it takes its toll and affects your own experience. Does this sound familiar? This group may be for you…

A new group for family caregivers will start in mid September and run for 10-12 weeks. The group will offer an opportunity to explore how caring for a loved one with mental health challenges affects the caregiver’s experience and own wellbeing.

This group is neither a support group nor an education group. While it is expected to offer a therapeutic experience, it is not a therapy group either.

A group setting can be viewed as a social microcosm that offers opportunities for interpersonal learning and growth. As participants share their experiences and learn from each other, they can gain new insights. Group work can help explore the impact participants’ behaviors have on others and share their observations with other members, thus creating a mutually beneficial environment. It may alleviate some of the isolation and other difficulties that are often associated with caregiving.

This is what previous group participants have said:

“… I feel more confident and at peace with myself.”  

“…it has given me more insight about my feelings and thoughts. I feel more positive about myself… it has been very rewarding”

Interested caregivers will be interviewed in order to determine whether the group experience would be beneficial to them. The group will run for 10-12 consecutive weeks and will be led by Ella Amir and Miriam Byers.

There will be a maximum of 10 participants. If you are interested, complete the form below or call 514-486-1448. You will be invited for an interview. The group will start in mid September. Register soon!

Caregiver Group

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