Education and Outreach

Are you looking to share mental health information with your school, workplace, business, or organization? Are you worried about your students, or the quality of mental health in your workplace? We can help!

AMI-Québec is committed to promoting the understanding of mental illnesses and dispel the stigma still surrounding it. This helps to create communities that offer new hope and meaningful lives for people with mental health problems and illnesses.

Our free Education and Outreach Program is designed to educate the community about the effects of mental illnesses and remove the stigma and discrimination that people living with mental illness often experience. We also inform about early detection in order to avert the devastation that long-term mental illness can cause.

We offer a wide range of free presentations in various settings, including schools, universities, workplaces, and community organizations. In a typical presentation, a trained presenter opens the session by explaining the different major mental health issues, including a description of mental illnesses, warning signs, and coping strategies. The presenter will then share their personal story on how they have coped with the challenges associated with mental illness in themselves or in a loved one. A question and answer period follows.

Please note: with the recent risks associated with the coronavirus pandemic we have adapted all our presentations to live video presentations via Google Meet. Presentations can be tailored to the audience’s needs. For example:

Mental Health in the Workplace

This presentation caters to employers and employees that are looking to learn more about mental health in the workplace. We offer information to guide employers and human resources to create policies that help employees and the organization or business to best address issues related to mental health in the workplace and prevent the high costs of not recognizing and addressing such issues.

Mental Health in Schools

Many mental health issues begin in adolescence. Unrecognized and unaddressed mental health problems can lead to a downward spiral and interfere with a student’s academic achievements and life in general. Students may become aggressive, suicidal, or start using drugs or alcohol in an effort to cope. If caught early, these problems need not develop into lifelong patterns or interrupt a student’s life. Plus, when students learn about mental health issues, they are more aware of warning signs in themselves or in their friends.

Since this program began in 1997, AMI-Québec has collaborated with hundreds of high schools, CEGEPS, universities, and organizations in Montreal to demystify mental illness and inform about its causes and triggers. We have reached many thousands of people, and always get good feedback!

To discuss an existing request, or for other inquiries, you can email or call 514-486-1448. 

Want to volunteer?

If you are now productively managing your illness or that of your family member and would like to share your story of recovery as part of our presentations, please email or call 514-486-1448. An interview and training will be required.

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