Social Action and Advocacy

On this page we will describe local, provincial and national initiatives.  

Mental Health Commission of Canada

The Mental Health Commission of Canada was established in 2007 as an independent, non-for-profit organization funded by the government of Canada.

According to the 10-year Health Canada funding agreement, the Commission will undertake three major initiatives:

-Develop a Mental Health Strategy for Canada
-Create a national Knowledge exchange Centre
-Implement a national anti-stigma/anti discrimination initiative.

The Vision of the Commission is:
A society that values and promotes mental health and helps people living with mental health problems and mental illness to lead meaningful and productive lives.

The Mission of the Commission is:
To promote mental health in Canada and change the attitudes of Canadians towards mental health problems and mental illness, and to work with stakeholders to improve mental health services and support.

NEW in 2013: The Mental Health Commission of Canada has released National Guidelines to support caregivers to someone with a mental illness. Click HERE for details.

Click HERE to visit the MHCC’s website.

Coalition for Access to Psychotherapy

CAP was created following the publication in December 2012 of the report on mental health services by the Health and Welfare Commissioner of Québec in which equitable access to psychotherapy services, as part of a treatment plan for mental health problems, was identified as an unmet need.

CAP is composed of a number of organizations like AMI-Quebec, as well as experts in the field of health services who believe that psychotherapy services should be available to individuals of all ages affected by a mental disorder.  Therefore, CAP’s objective is to rally public and government support towards the implementation of psychotherapy services within the public healthcare system. Click HERE for more information about CAP.

Montreal Walks for Mental Health

This is a walk that increases public awareness about mental health. Since 2009, Montreal Walks For Mental Health has helped fight the stigma about mental illness. Over 1,000 people participated in the 9th annual Walk in 2017. Please click HERE for more information.

Family Caregiving

What are the consequences? A study of caregivers in Canada, 2012

For more information, click HERE for a summary and HERE for the report.