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Use your computer or smartphone to spend some rewarding time learning about trends in mental illness and mental health. These videos are presented live by specialists in various fields. The hosts interact with you, and you can send in live questions and comments while watching. Registration not necessary, and you do not have to have a Facebook account to watch the presentation. Videos can be watched at a later date if you miss the live event. 

Discover topics like: Nutrition & Exercise and Mental Health, Mental Health in the Workplace, PTSD, Effective Communication with Healthcare Professionals, and Alternative Treatments for Mental Illness.

Online Learning, available 24-7

Want to learn on your own time, at your own pace? AMI has YouTube and SoundCloud channels, both available 24/7! Find all kinds of mental health information.

YouTube and SoundCloud are easy to access on a computer or a smartphone, so you can learn anywhere. Check out our YouTube and SoundCloud pages and subscribe—you’ll get an alert every time there is something new to watch or listen. Tune in for more great resources from AMI-Quebec for the digital age.

We’ve created a YouTube channel with a variety of videos, including:

  • Conversations with mental health specialists on anxiety, psychotic disorders, navigating the healthcare system, and more.
  • Public service announcements on services and workshops available at AMI-Quebec.
  • An archive of appearances and events from years past that will continue to grow.

SoundCloud is the audio equivalent of YouTube. Here you can listen to:

  • Teleworkshop recordings with local professionals, on types of mental illness, talking to your doctor, anxiety disorders, and more.
  • Recordings of presentations like our Low-Beer Memorial Lecture, including last year’s lecture by Dr. Dolores Malaspina on Nature vs Nurture.
  • Interviews such as homelessness and mental health, and how caregivers deal with loved ones’ mental health issues.

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