March 1-7, 2021

Welcome to AMI’s first annual Gratitude Week! All this week we will be highlighting some of the people who help us, and some of the reasons that we are so thankful. Times are tough right now, we are all struggling, and we are trying to see some of the brightness and encouragement that is still so strong in our world.
Tune in every day and help us celebrate the many things that make a difference!

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Today (and every day) we are grateful for our volunteers! In non-COVID times, we have over 100 people who dedicate their time and energy to helping us. They facilitate support groups, create graphics, stuff envelopes, make presentations, serve on our board, and help in many other ways. Many made the switch to virtual along with us and have been an invaluable support during the pandemic. Without them, we would not be able to do half of what we do.
Visit to learn about our volunteering opportunities.


It’s day 2 of AMI’s Gratitude Week, and today we are celebrating our donors. Did you know that less than half our operating budget comes from recurring sources? This means that we are fundraising all the time. Here’s an example: we had our most successful Annual Campaign ever in 2020—yes, during COVID times. We raised $52,700 for our programs. Imagine how many people we will be able to help thanks to your generosity!
Visit to discover the many ways to give to AMI and help us to help more people.


AMI’s Gratitude Week, Day 3: We are grateful for all our friends who follow us on social media. Every time you like, share, or comment on a post, you make it so that people who need our help can find us. We are on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter —follow us on all platforms!


As AMI’s Gratitude Week continues, today we are grateful for everyone who uses our services, because they are working to support a loved one or are trying to improve their own situation. We know it isn’t easy, and we admire and appreciate everyone who comes through our (virtual) doors.
If you need help because a loved one lives with mental illness, or if you are struggling with your own mental health issues, visit or call 514-486-1448.


Happy Friday and happy Gratitude Week–day 5! Today we are celebrating our fundraisers. From time to time, people discover AMI and decide to raise money for our organization. We are always delighted and grateful! Keep an eye on our page today to discover the cool ways that people have raised money for AMI.


AMI’s Gratitude Week, Day 6: today we are grateful for our members. Members lend power to our voice, leading to more advocacy, more publicity, and more funding. Visit and become a member today. Only $25 annually.


We’ve come to the end of AMI’s Gratitude Week. For day 7, we are grateful for each other. We are proud of what we accomplish as a team! By supporting each other, we are able to help families and people living with mental illness, and reach higher and further than ever before.