AMI-Quebec’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign

Free Education Awareness Presentations on Mental Illness

AMI has been presenting education sessions on mental health for well over a decade now. All of our education sessions are free and are designed to be interactive, engaging, current and inspirational. Presentations are given live, either in person or via videoconferencing for those outside the Montreal area.

Mental illness can strike at any age. One in five Canadians will at some point experience a mental illness, and all Canadians are likely to be affected through someone they love. AMI-Québec’s Mental Health Awareness Campaign is aimed at increasing understanding of mental health, removing the stigma still associated with it and demonstrating that recovery is possible, through education, and proper medical and emotional support. Early detection of mental illness is critical for an easier recovery.


Our Approach

A trained presenter opens the session by explaining the different major mental health issues, including a description of mental illnesses, warning signs, and coping strategies. The presenter will then introduce a volunteer speaker to share his/her personal story on how they overcame their struggles with mental illness. A question and answer period follows. Sessions last about one hour.

Who should participate?

We offer presentations to high schools, CEGEPS, universities, and community organizations. We tailor our sessions to meet the specific requests, needs, and availability of your organization.

We also provide awareness programs for parents and teacher training seminars. You are welcome to participate in any or all of the three programs.


We can present during the day at your convenience.




To book a session

Call AMI-Québec: 514-486-1448 or 1-877-303-0264 (outside Montreal)

For more information on presentations for the Montreal area, click HERE.

For more information on presentations via videoconference, click HERE.