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Board of Directors

Board of Directors

AMI-Quebec's Board of Directors is made up of family members and professionals who work together to ensure that AMI is relevant and well-governed. They are volunteers who believe in eradicating the stigma that still surrounds mental illness and in helping those in difficult situations to find the help they need. 

A Board of Directors is voted in each year during the Annual General Meeting (AGM) in June. Candidates are reviewed by the Nominating Committee and a slate is presented to the Board ahead of the AGM. Previous experience with AMI-Quebec (such as serving on a committee, attending or facilitating support groups, etc), is recommended.

Are you interested in being on our Board of Directors, or would you like to nominate someone?
Please click HERE to complete the application form. 

Nominations can be submitted any time, but the Nominating Committee usually considers new board members early in the year ( January-March). 

Board Members

Anna Beth Doyle, President
Norman Segalowitz, Vice President
Donna Sharpe, Treasurer
Joanne Smith, Secretary

Jean Claude Benitah, Immediate Past President

Michael Arruda
Guy Dumas
Moira Edwards
Rosalie Fagen
Beverly Kravitz
Anne Newman
Henry Olders
Carol Plathan
Judy Ross
Lynn Ross
Mike Truesdell
Karen Waxman
Annie Young

Directors Emeritus

Marylin Block
Renée Griffiths
Queenie Grosz
Rachel Hoffman
Sylvia Klein
Dorothy McCullogh
Lorna Moscovitch
Monica Reznick
Paul Rubin
Sylvia Silver
Kay Simpson

Executive 2015

(L-R Donna Sharpe, Jean Claude Benitah, Norman Segalowitz, Anna Beth Doyle, Joanne Smith)