Programs Outside Montreal!

Did you know that AMI offers free English services across the province of Quebec? You can participate over the phone, the Internet, or via videoconferencing.

Here is a brief description of those programs (click on the blue links for more information):

Distance Education
Presentations via videoconferencing to schools and community organizations, and training sessions for professionals and teachers.

One-on-one counseling
Offered toll free over the phone or through Skype. These one on one sessions address situations or problems and help caregivers cope with mental illness in a loved one.

Interactive sessions with an expert who presents a topic and answers your questions. Offered at our Montreal office and via videoconferencing.

Workshops on mental health and related topics offered province-wide over the telephone.

Resources outside Montreal
For more information about what other resources are available to help you.

For more information, call toll free 1-877-303-0264.
(514-486-1448 in Montreal)