The following videos are included in the powerpoint presentation for AMI-Quebec’s information session Introduction to Borderline Personality Disorder. Please click on the blue links below to view the videos (will open in a new window). 

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What is BPD
By New York Presbyterian Hospital with Dr. Fenton, Dr. Gunderson, Dr. Linehan and Kiera Van Gelder
(Powerpoint slide 6)

Borderline Personality Disorder
By BPD video with Dr. Linehan, Perry Hoffman, Alec Miller, Dr. Fruzzetti, Dr. Fonagy
(Slide 7)

Peter Fonagy – When thought is mistaken for fact
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 11)

Marsha Linehan – Strategies for emotion regulation
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 13)

John Gunderson – BPD in terms of relationships
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 14)

Valerie Porr – Shame
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 17)

Tami Green – Congressional Briefing on Borderline Personality Disorder
By Tami Green
(Slide 18)

Valerie Porr – BPD: an invisible Illness
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 20)

Valerie Porr – What is it like to love someone with BPD
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 21)

Peter Fonagy – Assuming others see the world as we do
By Borderliner Notes
(Slide 27)

Hope for people with Borderline Personality Disorder – Robin L. Kissel
By Hope for Mental Health
(Slide 33)

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