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This program will be on our schedule again soon. 

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Please note: due to the COVID-19 pandemic, this interactive workshop will be held online via Google Meet (it’s like Zoom). When you register, you are sent further details by email.

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It can be difficult to care for a loved one who is living with mental illness. With zen collage you will use your intuition to create small collage cards and then learn how to ‘read’ your cards to discover what personal and hidden meanings your zen collage card reveals to you. It is an innovative and creative way to explore your own challenges and how they can be overcome. No art experience required–yes, you are naturally creative!

If you are a caregiver struggling to maintain your balance while caring for a loved one touched by mental illness, you will find the experience of self-discovery and respite rewarding.

You will need some supplies: heavy paper or cardboard, magazines, scissors, and glue or a glue stick.

October 27, 2022
(Rescheduled from October 13)
With Joyce Cohen
Online on Google Meet

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You may also be interested in our other workshops.
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Click here to watch a short video to learn about this program and what you need to participate. (Note: this was filmed April 17, 2020; the upcoming workshop is on Thursday, October 27, 2022.)

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This online workshop is only for family and friends of someone living with mental illness. It will be interactive and space is limited. If you register and do not attend, you may be taking a spot away from someone in need.