Meditation for Resilience

How do we gain the strength to work with life situations that are difficult and stressful? Resilience is certainly important but how does a person develop more resilience? For millennia meditation has been used to develop a personal centre — a place of peace and tranquility that people can go to at times of turbulence in their lives. Meditation is widely used today for stress reduction or to help cope with pain, anxiety, or depression. The truth that meditation reveals is that we are all stronger than we think and have resources that we are unaware of. This workshop will use meditation to help participants get in touch with these deeper parts of themselves.

Starts February 20 and runs for 9 weeks
Must attend all sessions

With Bill Byers
At the AMI office
5800 Decarie

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Register now: Meditation for Resilience--Starts February 20, 2020

Please note: this workshop is only for family and friends of someone living with mental illness and you must attend all sessions.
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