Board and Award Nominations

Nominations open for AMI’s awards and recognition

Every year we salute those doing exceptional work in support of our goals. If you know someone whose efforts fit that description, add your own thank you to ours with a nomination for an AMI award or recognition.

Email us ( your choice along with a brief rationale for each person you nominate. You have until March 1, 2023 to submit. The board of directors makes the final decision. Presentations will be made at our annual general meeting June 13.

Monty Berger Award for Exemplary Service
Presented to a volunteer, usually an AMI member, making a significant contribution to our organization over an extended period of time.

AMI-Québec Award for Exemplary Service
For someone working in the field of mental health. Selection criteria include extraordinary care to those with mental illness, guidance and support to families and active support of our goals.

Exemplary Psychiatrist Award
Presented to psychiatrists who endorse our agenda by guiding and supporting families, sensitizing health professionals to the difficulties families face, promoting the inclusion of family members in treatment teams and increasing public awareness of mental illness.

Ella Amir Award for Innovation in Mental Health
Recognizes individuals or organizations for their innovations in building awareness of mental health issues in the community through research, service, advocacy, combatting stigma or calling the public’s attention to the needs of family caregivers.

Volunteer of the Year
Awarded for services to AMI during the previous 12 months that far exceeded the norm along with outstanding and inspiring dedication to our objectives.

The Extra Mile Award
Presented to an individual or organization for special efforts to further the understanding of mental illness.

Email with your nominations today!


Join AMI’s Board

AMI-Quebec’s Board of Directors ensures that AMI’s mission is achieved. Most members have or have had a family member with mental illness or mental health issues, and some have professional experience in mental heath or related fields.

Board members are volunteers who believe that family engagement is critical to the eradication of the stigma that is still associated with mental illness, and to the promotion of a whole person view of people with mental illness. They trust that a more humane and compassionate society can help people with mental illness realize their potential and lead satisfying and fulfilling lives. The main focus of the Board’s work is to support families in their role as caregivers while helping them to sustain their own wellbeing.

The Board of Directors is elected each year during the Annual General Meeting in June. Candidates are reviewed by the Nominating Committee and submissions can be made throughout the year. Familiarity with AMI-Quebec’s work and previous experience (such as serving on a committee, attending or facilitating support groups, etc.) is recommended.

In our ongoing efforts to best address diverse communities, we are hoping to diversify our board. We, therefore, encourage nominees/applicants from various communities, especially those who are or have been family caregivers.

Are you interested in being on our Board of Directors, or would you like to nominate someone?