Reaching out: One-Way Texts

Sometimes communication with an ill loved one can be tough. Has your loved one cut contact and you are concerned for their well-being? Do you have a strained or strenuous relationship but you would like to maintain contact?

One way to keep the lines of communication open and let your loved one know that you are thinking about them is to send a one-way text. The goal is to send a caring message without expecting a reply.

Some suggestions:

  • I am thinking of you
  • I am watching a TV show that reminded me of how much you like _______
  • I just read something that I think you would enjoy
  • Here is a photo of a meal I just prepared, knowing how much you like________
  • On a walk today, I passed by your favorite spot and it brought a smile to my face


  • You can attach a photo or an emoji to your one-way text to make it more personal
  • Keep the text short and sweet
  • Avoid sending a text message that requires a response, such as posing a question
  • Do not take it personally if your loved one doesn’t text you back. Keep in mind: it is a one-way text

It is important to remember that it is up to the person receiving your text to decide if they want to respond or not. Respect their choice for distance and space. How often you send a one-way text will depend on your relationship, your current circumstances, and how close or distant you feel to your loved one. Try sending one and see how it goes.

–Blanche Moskovici
From Share& Care Fall 2022

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