5 Ways to Support Someone Who is Living With a Mental Illness

These five tips can help you strengthen your relationship with your ill loved one so you can play a vital role in supporting them through their recovery process.

Top 10 questions families ask about communicating with a loved one experiencing emotional dysregulation or Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD)

Helpful tips for anyone having trouble communicating with a loved one who lives with mental illness.

Announcing a New Young Adult Support Group

We’ve got a new support group for anyone aged 18-30 who is struggling with their mental health or who cares about someone who is. This will be a dedicated space for young people to help them navigate the unique challenges today’s youth face.

Virtual Reality & Hoarding Disorder: A New Kind of Treatment?

A pilot study by Stanford Medicine shows there are some benefits to using virtual reality to treat hoarding disorder.

We Have Updated Our Name!

An update to AMI’s name!

Tips for Time Management

There are only so many hours in the day to do all you need to get done. This can be especially true for family carers. Here are some tips and tricks that you can use to better manage your time, and help reduce time-induced stress.

Supporting Versus Enabling: What is the difference?

There are many ways you can help a loved one who is struggling, and some are more helpful than others. Have you ever questioned if your actions are supporting your loved one or if you are enabling their behaviours?

“The opposite of addiction is not sobriety, it’s connection”: Chasing the Scream by Johann Hari

Why did the war on drugs start and why does it continue? Why can some people use drugs with no problem while others can’t? What really causes addiction? What happens if radically different policies are tried?

I’m struggling with my mental health! But who can help me?

If you’re dealing with challenges like anxiety, depression, psychosis, or unresolved trauma, it can be confusing to know which professional could be best for you or for your loved one. And how can you go about finding someone anyway? Here’s a little guide to help you figure it all out.

Tips for finding a therapist

Finding a therapist can be a real challenge. These tips can help.