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This workshop is offered three times a year. The next session will be held in the fall. 

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AMI-Quebec is offering yoga workshops for friends and families of those with mental illness. “Yin yoga brings you deep within your body and mind,” says Debbie Hoffman who will be teaching the workshops. “Yin helps you to go beyond the muscular system into the connective tissue, the fascia, the ligaments and the bones, helping you to open up your body, calm your mind and your nervous system, enabling you to turn inward and focus on your breath. This type of yoga is slow paced, with poses being held for longer periods of time.”

Recent studies suggest yoga can have a positive impact on mental health, and so can help you cope with challenges you may be facing as a carer. According to Dr. Chris Streeter at Boston University’s School of Medicine, “… the practice has far fewer side effects and potential drug interactions than mood-altering medications.” The most common complaint was a small one— temporary muscle soreness. Some people who haven’t responded to traditional treatments might do well with yoga, because unlike antidepressant drugs, yoga and deep breathing target the autonomic nervous system.

This workshop is free but registration is necessary for each session, and you must provide your own yoga mat. Space is limited.

Adapted from an article on Time’s website:

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