Announcing a New Young Adult Support Group

Starting in March 2024, our new Young Adult support group will bring together 18-30 year olds who are struggling with their own mental health or who are worried for a friend or family member’s mental health. This will be a space where young people can discuss how mental health, life transitions, and caring for others affects their life.

In the past few years, an increasing number of young adults have been connecting with AMI. They have expressed particular concerns that centre around their transition into adulthood, like shifting family dynamics, housing and job insecurity, work-study balance, and navigating relationships in the digital age. The Young Adult support group is an opportunity to explore those topics in a safe space with peers who can sympathize and suggest where else to seek help. We hope that having a dedicated space for young people may help them navigate the unique challenges that today’s youth face.

The Young Adult support group will be for friends and family members with a loved one going through mental health challenges, and for youth who are looking for support for themselves. Our other groups that bring together caregivers and people struggling with their mental health are very popular. They offer the opportunity for caregivers to hear another perspective on the diagnoses or challenges their family member is dealing with, and vice-versa. We trust that bringing young people together in this way will help them develop a culture of care and mental wellbeing particular to their phase of life.

This support group is free (like all our programs!), and will be held online on one Monday evening a month, from 6:30 to 8pm. No registration is required.

– Oliver Fitzpatrick, Young Carers Coordinator

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