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When a situation has you confused, worried, scared, or just plain exhausted, SOS-Famille can help.

No matter how long you’ve been coping with mental illness in a loved one or how much support you have to call on, a problem can grow to be overwhelming.

Call us to find out if SOS-Famille can help your situation. A subsequent face-to-face meeting will last an hour. There can be just one, if that’s all it takes, or you may be returning for a few months. The range of problems people need help with is all too familiar. How to handle the fear a crisis situation can cause; whether it will help or hurt for a hospitalized relative to move back home after discharge; how to reclaim control over one’s life and still be a caring, supportive parent. Behaviour difficulties, communication breakdown and exhaustion top the list of family troubles. Not infrequently two worried generations turn up for a meeting. Families from different cultures bring their own, often conflicting, sets of values and traditions to a discussion and that can cause extra complications.

“In our meetings we look to find the strategies that will work best,” says Lori, who was an SOS-Famille worker in its initial phase. “Our goal is not to give pat answers, but to help families develop the skills they need to cope with their life now and deal with problems they may have in the future. It could mean working to create a change in dynamics, setting limits or developing more effective communication skills. We’ll recommend one of our education courses or a support group if we think it will help. Or we’ll suggest an outside resource if there’s a crisis or special counseling is called for.”

Please note that this program is for caregivers, not for individuals with a mental illness. (If you are struggling with a mental illness yourself, please call us and we will guide you to an appropriate resource.)

For an appointment call 514-486-1448 (1-877-303-0264 outside Montreal).