Counselling and Therapy

Counselling can be an essential part of coping with and recovering from a mental illness, both for the person living with a mental illness and for their loved ones.

AMI-Quebec offers free counselling for caregivers (families and friends of someone living with mental illness). Please click HERE for more information.

Please note: we have support groups for people living with mental health problems and illnesses but we do not offer counselling services for them. Contact the organizations below for counselling for individuals suffering from mental health issues, including art therapy, and counselling for family members. Most offer free services or charge on a sliding scale.




Association des Medecins Psychiatres du Quebec514-350-5128Psychiatry information, psychiatrist directory [F]QC
Auberge Shalom514-731-0833External counseling, emergency shelter for abused women of all ethnicities, 24 Hour Support Line [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Bottin Sante514-317-2683
Repertoire of psychologists classified by regions of Quebec [F]QC
Clinique Universitaire de Psychologie (UdeM)514-343-7725Affordable psychology clinic offered by psychologists and student clinicians [F]Montreal
Concordia Applied Psychology Centre514-848-2424 x7550Affordable psychology clinic offered by psychologists and student clinicians for all ages (children, youth, adults, families); services from September to April only [E/F]Montreal
The Emotional Health CBT Clinic514-485-7772Affordable individual CBT for depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. [E/F]Montreal
Face à Face514-934-4546Counselling, drop-in, support group, listening, assistance [E/F]Montreal
Head & Hands514-872-9444Medical, social, legal, and counseling services for youth 12-25, young parents program [E/F]Montreal
The Lifeline Canada FoundationWebsiteResources for and information about online counselling [E/F]Online
Maison Multiethnique Myosotis514-271-4407Psychotherapy centre--indiv or couples therapy; group activities on a given theme [E/F/Spanish/Arabic/Polish/Russian] $$Montreal
La Maison St. Jacques514-526-4132Free group psychotherapy for adults 18-50, group for mothers, referrals [F]Montreal
McGill Psychoed. & Counseling Clinic514-398-4641Counseling, psychoeducational assessments, and psychotherapy for children and adolescents (ages 6 20); $25/session [E] Montreal
Montreal Therapy Centre514-244-1290Psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families [E/F/S] $$ (sliding scale)Montreal (NDG)
Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec514-738-1223
Referral service to find a private psychologist [E/mostly F]QC
Psychology TodayWebsiteA paid directory of therapists [E]Montreal (but can search elsewhere in Canada or the world)
PsyMontreal514-337-2473 x0Psychotherapy and coaching services for depression, anxiety, stress, etc. [E/F] $$ (some discounts for students)Montreal
Teenage Health Unit (JGH)514-340-8242Health and counseling services for teenagers [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
West Island Therapy and Wellness Centre514-696-0948Psychological services ranging from consultation, assessment, therapy, and treatment programs. [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Art Therapy
L'Atelier514-844-6458Art workshops, professional & social integration programs, 18+ [E/mostly F] (referral needed)Montreal
Centre d'Apprentissage Parallèle (CAP)514-843-5658Art therapy, drama therapy, work integration programs, socialization [E/F]Montreal
Expression LaSalle514-368-3736Art therapy and related workshops, individual counseling [E/F]Montreal (LaSalle)
Friends for Mental Health (West Island)514-636-6885Art therapy workshops for caregivers and families [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Les Impatients514-842-1043Art & music therapy workshops [E/mostly F]Montreal
MusiArt Choir (Montreal General Hospital)514-934-1934 x42619Choir of consumers; explore therapeutic benefits of music [E/F]Montreal
Pracom514-527-6766Art workshops, stress & health workshops, professional reintegration [F]Montreal