Counseling and Therapy

Counseling can be an essential part of coping with and recovering from a mental illness, both for the person living with a mental illness and for their loved ones.

AMI-Quebec offers free counseling for caregivers (families and friends of someone living with mental illness). Please click HERE for more information. We also have a workshop for caregivers called Coping Through Artistic Expression; click HERE for details.

For organizations that offer counseling for individuals suffering from mental health issues, including art therapy, and counseling for family members, please see below.




Argyle Institute514-931-5629Affordable psychotherapy for individuals, couples, and families [E/F]Montreal (Westmount)
Association des Medecins Psychiatres du Quebec514-350-5128Psychiatry information, psychiatrist directory [F]QC
Auberge Shalom514-731-0833External counseling, emergency shelter for abused women of all ethnicities, 24 Hour Support Line [E/F]Montreal (Côtes-des-Neiges)
Bottin Sante514-317-2683
Repertoire of psychologists classified by regions of Quebec [F]QC
Collective Community Services514-937-5351Support services for families, counseling offered [mainly E]Montreal
Centre de Services Psychologiques de l'UQAM514-987-0253Affordable psychology clinic offered by psychologists and student clinicians [F]Montreal
Clinique Universitaire de Psychologie (UdeM)514-343-7725Affordable psychology clinic offered by psychologists and student clinicians [F]Montreal
Cognitive Principles (Mary's Recovery)514-485-2194Counseling and CBT group workshops for depression, anxiety, panic, and OCD [E/F]Montreal (Westmount)
Concordia Applied Psychology Centre514-848-2424 x7550Affordable psychology clinic offered by psychologists and student clinicians [E/F]Montreal
The Emotional Health CBT Clinic514-485-7772Affordable individual CBT for depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. [E/F]Montreal
Face à Face514-934-4546Counselling, drop-in, support group, listening, assisantce [E/F]Montreal
Family Resource Center514-685-5912Individual and family counseling, workshops for parents and children, parent support groups [E]Montreal (Pierrefonds)
Head and Hands514-481-0277Medical, social, legal, and counseling services for youth 12-25, young parents program [E/F]Montreal
Maison Multiethnique Myosotis514-271-4407Psychotherapy centre; indiv., couple, & family therapy [E/F/other] $$Montreal
La Maison St. Jacques514-526-4132Free group psychotherapy for adults 18-50, group for mothers, referrals [F]Montreal
McGill Counselling Services514-398-3601Counseling services & Workshops for McGill students only, free of charge [E/F]Montreal
McGill Psychoed. & Counseling Clinic514-398-4641Counseling, psychoeducational assessments, and psychotherapy available to all; $25/session [E/F] 18+Montreal
Mental Health CanadaWebsiteNational directory of mental health professionals [E/F]Canada
Montreal Therapy Centre514-244-1290Psychotherapy services for individuals, couples, and families [E/F/S] $$ (sliding scale)Montreal (NDG)
Ordre des Psychologues du Quebec514 738-1881
1 800 363-2644
Referral service to find a private psychologist [E/mostly F]QC
PsyMontreal514-337-2473 x0Psychotherapy and coaching services for depression, anxiety, stress, etc. [E/F] $$ (some discounts for students)Montreal
Teenage Health Unit (JGH)514-340-8242Health and counseling services for teenagers [E/F]Montreal (Côtes-des-Neiges)
West Island Therapy Centre514-696-0948Psychological services ranging from consultation, assessment, therapy, and treatment programs. [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Westmount Psychological Services514-223-5327Therapy for anxiety, depression, OCD etc. [E/F] $$ (some sliding scale spots may be available)Montreal (Westmount)
Art Therapy
L'Atelier514-844-6458Art workshops, professional & social integration programs, 18+ [E/mostly F] (referral needed)Montreal
Centre d'Apprentissage Parallèle514-843-5658Art therapy, drama therapy, work integration programs, socialization [F]Montreal
Expression LaSalle514-368-3736Art therapy and related workshops, individual counseling [E/F]Montreal (LaSalle)
Friends for Mental Health (West Island)514-636-6885Art therapy workshops for caregivers and families [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Les Impatients514-842-1043Art & music therapy workshops [E/mostly F]Montreal
MusiArt Choir (Montreal General Hospital)514-934-1934 x42071Choir of consumers; explore therapeutic benefits of music [E/F]Montreal
Art workshops, stress & health workshops, professional reintegration [F]Montreal