Self-harm, also known as self-injury, is the act of purposefully hurting oneself. Although there is a significant correlation between self-harm and suicidal thoughts, self-harm is not the same as a suicide attempt. (Click HERE to read an article about self-harm and suicide.) Self-harm is not considered a mental illness by itself, but it may be a sign of a mental health problem. If you or a loved one shows signs of self-harm, please consult the list below for help and information.

If you or someone you love is thinking about suicide, please click HERE for links and information that can help.



Douglas Institute-Child and Adolescent Psychiatry514-761-6131 x2067Outpatient clinic for suicidal disorders and self-injury for youth ages 0 to 17. [E/F] Referral needed.Montreal (Verdun)
Help GuideWebsiteHelp, support, treatment, and resources for self-injury. [E]USA
Kids Help Phone1-800-668-686824-hour phone and web counselling for youth who self-harm. [E/F]Canada
Mind Your MindWebsiteSelf-harm information and resources [E]Canada
Montreal Children's Hospital-Psychiatry514-412-4449Psychiatric services for youth suffering from emotional and behavioural problems. [E/F] Referral needed.Montreal
PsyMontreal514-337-2473 x 0Psychotherapy and coaching services for self-injury and related illnesses. [E/F] $Montreal
Self-injury Outreach and Support

WebsiteInformation, resources, and online videos for self-injury. [E]Montreal and ON
Tel-aide514-935-1101Telephone listening service. [E/F]Montreal
Westmount Psychological Services514-223-5327Psychological services for adults who self injure. [E/F] 18+ $Montreal (Westmount)