This section of our resource list contains organizations that specifically help women, including housing, listening services, workshops, and other support.




L'Abri D'Espoir514-934-5615Emergency & long-term shelter, meals, counseling & referral [E/F]Montreal
Auberge Madeleine514-597-1303Short-term housing & group living for women in difficulty [E/F/] 18+Montreal
Auberge Shalom514-731-0833Emergency shelter for abused women of all ethnicities, external counseling [E/F]Montreal
Le Berceau450-446-7760Information and resources on post-partum depression [F]Beloeil (QC)
Centre des Femmes Solidaires et Engagees514-388-0980Support, workshops, accompaniment, & other services for women of all origins [E/F/I]Montreal
Le Chainon514-845-0151Night, short-, medium-term shelter for women in need and/or homeless [E/F]Montreal
Chez Doris514-937-2341Meals & clothes, educational & social services for women [E/F]Montreal
Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec514-489-2116 x235
Legal advice & support for women having trouble w/ law, halfway houses [E/F]QC
Exponenti'elles514-788-5099Free personalized coaching service for one year for women in situations of poverty and/or homelessness [E/F]Montreal
Femmes du Monde514-735-9027Community centre for women, listening service, support & self-help [E/F/other]Montreal (Cote-des-Neiges)
Herstreet514-284-9665Helps women in distress and homeless women [E/F]Montreal
Logifem514-939-3172Emergency & long-term shelter for women and their children, accompaniment, support [E/F]Montreal
Maison Marguerite514-932-2250Short-term housing for women in need, clothing, food, etc. [E/F/other]Montreal
Maison Saint-Jacques514-526-4132 Group for individuals w/ mental health issues (Free, includes daycare & transportation costs) [F]Montreal
514-523-1095Short-term housing for female victims of conjugal violence, intervention [E/F]Montreal
Old Brewery Mission514-526-6446Food, clothing, shelter for homeless women, social rehabilitation program [E/F]Montreal (Cote-des-Neiges)
Le Parados514-637-3529Short-term housing for women & children victims of violence [E/F/S/other]Montreal (Lachine)
The Shield of Athena514-274-8117
Shelter, intervention, prevention for victims of domestic violence (ethnic) [E/F/other]Montreal (Mount Royal)
West Island Women's Shelter514-695-8529Activities, support groups, workshops, special programs for teens & mothers, advocacy for women's issues [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Women's Centre of Montreal514-842-4780Support, workshops, accompaniment, employment, integration [E/F]Montreal
YWCA - Y des Femmes Montréal 514-866-9941Information and help with housing, employment, legal issues; programs for women [E/F]Montreal