General Information, Government Services

This is a good place to start if you are looking for general information about mental illness or would like to access government services.




Anxiety Disorders Association of CanadaWebsiteInformation and various online resources for anxiety disorders [E/F]Canada
Bonjour SantéŽWebsiteHelps you find a doctor or a specialist and book an appointment [E/F] $$QC
Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health1-613-237-2144 x323Advocacy, resources, and general information about mental illness [E] Canada
Canadian Mental Health AssociationWebsiteResources, publications, referrals to local services [E/F]Canada
Canadian Psychiatric Association613-234-2815
Education, publications, advocacy, resources, association for psychiatrists in Canada [E/F]Canada
Canadian Psychological Association613-237-2144
Professional association for psychology, information on practitioners [E/F]Canada
CLSC de Pierrefonds (Guichet d'accès)514-626-2572 x3956Entry point for mental health services [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
CMHA Montreal514-521-4993Resources, publications, referrals to local services [E/F]Montreal
Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN)418-684-2289
Aims to improve access to healthcare and social services for English speakers; many programs and resources [E]QC
Health Canada1-866-225-0709Federal department that helps Canadians maintain & improve their health [E/F]Canada
Information and Referral Centre of Greater MontréŽal514-527-1375Information on community resources, referrals; listing of non-profit organizations [E/F]Montreal
InfoSantéŽ (SantéŽ et Services Sociaux Quebec) 811Information about health-related topics, find your local CLSC [E/F]QC
Med-Effect Canada1-866-225-0709Info about medications & side-effects, no medical advice [E/F]Canada
Mental Health CanadaWebsiteNational directory of mental health professionals, resources & information [E/F]Canada
Mental Health at Work (Universite Laval)1-418-656-5213Information on work-related mental health problems, prevention and compensation [E/F] QC
Ministere Emploi & Solidarité Sociale514-873-4000
Ministry for all info regarding gov. assistance, i.e. filing complaints, social assistance [E/F]QC
Montreal Volunteer Bureau514-842-3351Listing of volunteer positions and organizations in Montreal area [E/F]Montreal
Mood Disorders Association Of Ontario416-486-8046
Support groups, information, education for bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression [E]ON
Moods Magazine1-888-275-8007Consumer publication; personal stories, info, education on mental health [E/F]ON
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)1-800-950-6264Information, advocacy, education; support and programs available [E/S]USA
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)1-866-615-6464Outreach, education, publications, research and statistics, referrals 24/7 [E]USA
National Network for Mental HealthWebsite Advocacy, education, expertise and resources for people living w/ mental illness [E] Canada
Office des Personnes Handicapés QC1-800-567-1465Resources, information, and publications for handicapped individuals [some E/F]QC
Partners for Mental Health613-798-5862Dedicated to improving the way we think about mental health [E/F]Canada
Public Health Agency of Canada1-844-280-5020Health and safety information, disease prevention [E/F] Canada
Régie des Rentes514-873-2433
Information on Quebec Pension Plan and disability benefits [E/F]Quebec
Register to find a family doctorWebsiteGet on the waiting list to find a family doctor [E/F]QC
SantéŽ MontréŽal514 286-6500Information on health and social services in Montreal [E/F]Montreal
SantéŽ et Services Sociaux Quebec514-644-4545
Ministry of health and social services of Quebec [E/F]Quebec
Schizophrenia Society of Canada1-800-263-5545Information, education, advocacy, support programs for those affected by schizophrenia [E]Canada
Service Canada1-800-622-6232Lists all Canadian government services [E/F]Canada
SocietéŽ d'Habitation du Quebec1-800-463-4315General housing information, subsidized housing program for low-income individuals and families [E/F]QC