General Information, Government Services

This is a good place to start if you are looking for general information about mental illness or would like to access government services.




Anxiety CanadaWebsiteInformation and various online resources for anxiety disorders [E/F]Canada
Bonjour SantéWebsiteHelps you find a doctor or a specialist and book an appointment [E/F] $$QC
Canadian Alliance on Mental Illness and Mental Health613-237-2144 x323Advocacy, resources, and general information about mental illness [E] Canada
Canadian Mental Health AssociationWebsiteResources, publications, referrals to local services [E/F]Canada
Canadian Psychiatric Association613-234-2815
Education, publications, advocacy, resources, association for psychiatrists in Canada [E/F]Canada
Canadian Psychological Association613-237-2144
Professional association for psychology, information on practitioners [E/F]Canada
Centre d’expertise en gestion de la santé et de la sécurité du travail (Université Laval)418-656-2131 x402688Information on work-related mental health problems, prevention and compensation [E/F] QC
CLSC de Pierrefonds (Guichet d'accès)514-630-2225 x3939Entry point for mental health services [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
CMHA Montreal514-521-4993Resources, publications, referrals to local services [E/F]Montreal
Community Health and Social Services Network (CHSSN)418-684-2289
Aims to improve access to healthcare and social services for English speakers; many programs and resources [E]QC
Health Canada1-866-225-0709Federal department that helps Canadians maintain & improve their health [E/F]Canada
Information and Referral Centre of Greater Montréal514-527-1388Information on community resources, referrals; listing of non-profit organizations [E/F]Montreal
InfoSanté (Santé et Services Sociaux Quebec) 811Information about health-related topics, find your local CLSC [E/F]QC
Med-Effect Canada1-866-225-0709Info about medications & side-effects, no medical advice [E/F]Canada
Ministere Emploi & Solidarité Sociale514-873-4000
Ministry for all info regarding gov. assistance, i.e. filing complaints, social assistance [E/F]QC
Ministère de la Santé et des Services sociaux514-644-4545
Ministry of health and social services of Quebec [E/F]Quebec
Montreal Volunteer Bureau514-842-3351Listing of volunteer positions and organizations in Montreal area [E/F]Montreal
Mood Disorders Association Of Ontario416-486-8046
Support groups, information, education for bipolar disorder, anxiety, and depression [E]ON
National Alliance on Mental Illness (NAMI)1-800-950-6264Information, advocacy, education; support and programs available [E/S]USA
National Institute of Mental Health (NIMH)1-866-615-6464Outreach, education, publications, research and statistics, referrals 24/7 [E]USA
National Network for Mental HealthWebsite Advocacy, education, expertise and resources for people living w/ mental illness [E] Canada
Office des Personnes Handicapés QC1-800-567-1465Resources, information, and publications for handicapped individuals [some E/F]QC
Public Health Agency of Canada1-844-280-5020Health and safety information, disease prevention [E/F] Canada
Register to find a family doctor - Quebec GovernmentWebsiteGet on the waiting list to find a family doctor [E/F]QC
Retraite Quebec514-873-2433
Information on Quebec Pension Plan and disability benefits [E/F]Quebec
Santé MontréalWebsiteInformation on health and social services in Montreal [E/F]Montreal
Schizophrenia Society of Canada1-204-320-3188Information, education, advocacy, support programs for those affected by schizophrenia [E]Canada
Service Canada1-800-622-6232Lists all Canadian government services [E/F]Canada
Societé d'Habitation du Quebec1-800-463-4315General housing information, subsidized housing program for low-income individuals and families [E/F]QC