Financial: Future Care

Planning for the future care of an adult relative with a mental illness can be so daunting that many families delay. But early planning means decisions won’t have to be made in the emotional turmoil of a crisis. For information about securing your loved one’s future, please explore the information on our site HERE, or contact one of the organizations below.

Please note: AMI-Quebec helps families cope with mental health problems and illnesses in a loved one. We cannot provide financial advice. Please contact the organizations below for help.

Agence Ometz Future Care514-342-0000Financial aid services and Administered Funds Program [E/F/H]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges & West Island)
Chambre des Notaires du Quebec514-879-1793
Resources and info for families about rights, wills & testaments. Information line allows you to speak with a notary free of charge. Search tool finds notaries in your area. [E/F]QC
Government of CanadaWebsiteFinancial benefits for Canadians with disabilities and their families [E/F] Canada
The Jewish Community Foundation of Montreal514-345-6414Wills, bequests, designated giving, planned giving [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Nathan Leibowitz, Investment Advisor514-798-0470Wills, trusts, insurance, tax & estate planning, asset management for disabled individuals. Fee schedule varies. [E/F] $Montreal (Saint-Laurent)
L'Organisation D'Aide aux Sans-Emploi514-932-3926Information and individual consultation on social assistance [F]Montreal (NDG)
Registered Disability Savings Plan1-844-311-7526Information about the Registered Disability Savings Plan [E/F]Canada (BC)
Sylvain Carpentier, Notary514-395-4527 x 12Wills, trusts & tax planning, asset management for disabled individuals. Fee schedule varies. [E/F] $Montreal (Ville-Marie)
Plan Institute 604-439-9566 Future planning tool and other resources to support financial planning for those with disabilities. [E]Canada (online)