Depression can be debilitating, can appear at any age, and is one of the most common and treatable mental illnesses. Up to 20% of the population may be affected by depression in their lifetime.

AMI-Quebec offers many programs to help both people suffering from depression and their loved ones. Consider attending one of our support groups (including one specifically for depression), one of our workshops for family caregivers, or booking an appointment with one of our counsellors (for family members only).

Please consult the list below for other organizations that provide help and information about depression.




The Antidepressant Skills WorkbookWebsiteEducation and self-help workbook on coping with Depression [E/F/Other]Canada (online)
Canadian Mental Health Association416-646-5557Information on depression and bipolar disorder [E/F]Canada (ON)
Daily StrengthWebsiteOnline discussion & support groups for depression; resources for crisis. [E]Online
Depression & Bipolar Support Alliance1-800-826-3632Referrals & education about depression/bipolar disorder [E]USA
Depression HurtsWebsiteInformation on depression, symptoms, managing your depression, road to recovery, resources and info for family and friends [E/F/Other]Canada (Online)
Depression TribeWebsiteSelf-help online community for people w/ depression, online support [E]USA (Online)
Douglas Hospital Depression Program514-761-6131 x3301Depression treatment programs [E/F] (referral needed) Montreal (Verdun)
Écoute-Entraide (formerly Déprimés anonymes)514-278-2130
Listening line 7 days a week [F]Montreal (Rosemont)
The Emotional Health CBT Clinic514-485-7772Affordable individual CBT for depression, anxiety, OCD, etc. [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Mood Disorders Association of Ontario1-888-486-8236Support groups, information, education [E]ON
Mood Disorders Society of Canada613-921-5565Information centre, advocacy, support, education, referrals [E]Canada (ON)
MoodFXinfo@moodfx.caApp designed to track symptoms, monitor symptoms, and set reminders of appointments [E/F]Canada (Online)
MUHC Mood Disorders Program514-934-1934 x31798Therapy & treatments for mood disorders [E/F] (Referral Needed)Montreal (Ville-Marie)
PsyMontreal514-337-2473 x 0Psychotherapy and coaching services for depression, anxiety, stress, etc. [E/F] ($)Montreal
Relief (formerly Revivre)1-866-738-4873Education, resources, support groups, counselling [E/F]Montreal (Plateau)
Suicide Action Montreal (SAM)1-866-277-3553Listening line, education, bereavement support [E/F]QC (Montreal)