Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) is a psychiatric disorder that comes from experiencing a traumatic experience, such as events experienced on the battlefield in the military, a natural disaster, assault, abuse, or attacks. For organizations that can provide help and information to individuals with PTSD, and to those around them, please see below.


Badge of Life CanadaWebsiteHelp those who experience trauma in the line of police and corrections duty. [E/F]Canada
Canadian Mental Health AssociationWebsiteInformation on PTSD and how to find help [E/F]Canada
Canadian Service Dog Foundation613-914-2733Program for service dogs to help those with PTSD [E]ON
The Emotional Health CBT Clinic514-485-7772CBT for PTSD [E/F]Montreal (Cote-des-Neiges)
eMentalHealth.ca613-738-6990Information and resources for PTSD [E/F]ON
Government of Quebec (Health)1-877-644-4545Description, treatment and help resources [E/F]QC
Mayo ClinicWebsiteInformation on how to help a loved one with PTSD [E]Int'l (USA)
Member Assistance Program (Canadian Armed Forces)1-800-268-7708Assistance program for people in the military and their families. [E/F]Canada
Military Family Resource Centres1-877-280-3636Health and Wellness help for military spouses and their children. [E/F]Montreal (Canada)
Montreal Children's Hospital514-412-4400Information on PTSD in children [E/F]Montreal
Peer Support - Leave None Behind514-252-2777 x2502Social support for individuals affected by PTSD and their families. [E/F]Canada
(Greater Montreal and surrounding areas)
PTSD AssociationWebsiteResources and information on PTSD [E]Canada
Transitions to CommunitiesWebsiteProvides mental health knowledge, self-awareness, coping strategies, employment and skills development for veterans. [E/F]Canada
Trauma & PTSDWebsiteResources on services across Canada [E/F]Canada (QC)