This section will guide you to places that can help you with legal matters, such as your rights, complaints related to health and social services, and curatorship, often at a free or reduced cost.

When a ‘resource’ is a person (for example a notary), it does not necessarily suggest an endorsement, but rather a recommendation to explore further (expertise, cost, etc).

Please note: AMI-Quebec helps families cope with mental health problems and illnesses in a loved one. We do not provide services relating to legal matters. Please contact the organizations below for help.




Action Autonomie514-525-5060Information, accompaniment, advocacy and lobbying for rights of consumers [E/F]Montreal (Hochelaga-Maisonneuve)
Info, defends the rights of mentally ill individuals, works w/ ministries [F]QC
Arthur Younanian514-931-2531Wills, mandates, settling an estate, etc. [E/F] $Montreal (Westmount)
Assante Wealth Management1-800-268-3200Wills, trusts, insurance, tax & estate planning, asset management. Fee schedule varies. [E/F] $Montreal (Dorval)
Association for the Defense of People and Property under Public Curatorship (ADPPPC)514-906-1845Education, assist people dealing with public curator, accompaniment, etc. [E/F]Montreal
CAAP-Island of Montreal514-861-5998
Help/advice for filing complaints or problems with health/social services system [E/F]Montreal (Saint-Denis)
Centre des Femmes Solidaires et Engagees514-388-0980Family law workshops, help for abusive relationships for women of all origins [E/F/I]Montreal (North)
Chambre des Notaires du Quebec514-879-1793
Resources and info for families. Information line--speak with a notary free of charge. Search tool finds notaries in your area. [E/F]Montreal
Le Collectif Defense des Droits Monteregie450-674-2410Advocate for rights of people living w/ mental illness, many programs, personal accompaniment [F]QC (Montreal)
EducaloiWebsiteExplains Quebec law to citizens in everyday language [E/F]QC
Elizabeth Fry Society of Quebec514-489-2116
Legal advice & support for women having trouble w/ law, halfway houses [E/F]QC
Me Eric Dugas514-626-3391Wills, succession settlement, family mediation, etc. [E/F] $Montreal (Sainte Genevieve)
Head & Hands514-481-0277Free legal information for people 12-25, accompaniment, etc. [E/F]Montreal (Côte-Des-Neiges)
Legal Aid Montreal514-864-2111Affordable/free legal aid depending on income; for youth, consumers, immigrants, and other populations [E/F]Montreal
Longueuil Courthouse450-646-4010Court orders and related matters [E/F]Montreal (Longueuil)
McGill Legal Info Clinic514-398-6792Free student-run legal information service for everyone, referrals [E/F]Montreal
National Pardon Centre514-842-2411
Assist with criminal record pardons, US entry & border restrictions [E/F]Canada
Project PAL514-767-4701Housing, rights, drop-in for consumers, outings, workshops, self-help etc.[E/F]Montreal (Verdun)
Le Protecteur du Citoyen1-800-463-5070Free recourse for people treated unfairly by gov't ministries [E/F]QC
Public Curator of Quebec514-873-4074
Information concerning curatorship or tutorship [E/F]QC
Rebatir1-833-732-2847Free legal consultation for up to 4 hours for victims of sexual violence and domestic abuse [E/F]QC
Saint Columba House514-932-6202Assistance, support, and rights information for people with social assistance [E/F]Montreal (Point St. Charles)
Sylvain Carpentier, Notary514-395-4527 x12Wills, trusts & tax planning, asset management for disabled individuals. Fee schedule varies. [E/F] $Montreal (Ville-Marie)
Tribunal Administratif du Quebec514-873-7154
1 800 567-0278
Deals with criminals not responsible for their crimes due to mental illness [E/F]QC
YWCA Legal Information Clinic514-866-9941 x293Low-cost legal info service by volunteers for men & women [E/F]Montreal