Addiction, Substance Abuse, Dual Diagnosis

Substance abuse problems can go hand in hand with mental health issues. If you or someone you love is struggling with addiction, substance abuse, or dual diagnosis (an addiction to drugs or alcohol AND a mental illness), please see the resources below for help.




Addiction Outreach Program514-731-8000
Life skills, support, workshops, dual diagnosis, After Care program ($ sliding scale) [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Addiction TribeWebsiteSelf-help online community for people w/ addiction problems, online support [E]Online
Al-Anon(613) 723-8484Support for friends and family of problem drinkers [E/F]North America; search for meetings near you.
ASPA514-529-0641Non-medical rehab centre, therapy, support for family and the addicted ($) [F]Montreal
Centre for Addiction and Mental Health416-535-8501Mental health and addiction hospital, recovery programs and research [E/F]ON
Chabad Lifeline514-738-7700Programs and support groups for addicts and their families (alcohol, drugs, gambling, sex, eating, co-dependency), outpatient centre (all forms of addiction), crisis intervention, support, etc. [E]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Clinique Nouveau Depart514-521-9023
Detox, recovery, reintegration, 7-wk intensive programs, dual diagnosis [E/F] ($)Montreal (Mont-Royal)
CRDM514-385-1232Treatment programs for individuals with an addiction (alcohol, drugs, gambling). [F]Montreal
Dianova514-875-7013Residential intervention programs offered for people with substance abuse and related issues [E/F]. $Montreal (Montreal & Terrebonne)
Drug and Alcohol Helpline1-800-565-8603Information about drug and alcohol addiction services in Ontario [E/F]ON
Drug Referral Line514-527-2626
24/7 information and referral service helpline [E/F]QC
Foster Addiction Rehabilitation Centre514-486-1304
Provides addiction rehabilitation services for all addictions except sex addiction (adults and youth) [E]Montreal; also other locations in Quebec
Gambling: Help and Referral514-527-0140 1-800-461-0140Refers Quebecers who need help with gambling to the appropriate resources [E/F]QC
Griffith Edwards Centre Addictions Unit514-934-8311Inpatient and outpatient therapy & support for substance abusers, dual diagnosis [E]Montreal
Life Science Addiction Treatment Centre450-451-9995Inpatient treatment for addiction and dual diagnosis (addiction plus mental illness) [E]. $Rigaud, Quebec
Narcotics Anonymous Quebec1-855-544-6362Support for drug problems [E/F]Montreal and across Quebec
Portage - Adolescent Program 450-224-2944 (F)
514-694-9894 (E)
Rehab program for teens 14-18; residence, therapy, support, recreation [E/F]Canada
Portage - Main Office514-939-0202Drug rehab programs for adolescents, pregnant women, mothers, first nations, and adults with mental health issues. [E/F]Canada
Portage - Mental Health Program514-935-3431Substance abuse program specifically for men w/ dual diagnosis [E/F]Canada
Programme Alcochoix +WebsiteProgram to help control drinking habits; offered in CISSS across Quebec [E/F]QC
Sex and Love Addicts Anonymous (SLAA)514-983-067112-step programs to break pattern of sex and love addiction; local, online, and phone meetings [mainly E/ some F]Montreal
Toxico-Stop Centre514-327-6017Shelter, detoxification support, social reintegration to help people overcome their addiction difficulties. [E/F]Montreal