Day Centres and Community Support

This is a listing of day centres in Montreal. These are places where someone struggling with mental illness can go for workshops, help with work reintegration, communal meals, or for socializing. Please explore the list below.

Please note: AMI-Quebec helps families cope with mental health problems and illnesses in a loved one. We have support groups but we are not a day centre and we do not provide such services. Please contact the organizations below for help.




Accueil Bonneau514-845-3906Assistance, housing, food, workshops, financial advising [E/F]Montreal
Action Santé de Pointe St. Charles514-933-5771Self-help groups to break isolation, group activities, communal meals [F]Montreal (South-West)
Agence Ometz514-342-0000Social, mental health, and immigration services in the Jewish community [E/F/H]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges & West Island)
Association Bénévole Amitié514-931-5757Activities, community support, socializing, programs, community follow-up [E/F]Montreal (Centre-West)
CENTRAMI514-761-1509Drop-in, day center, support, outings and activities. [F]Montreal (South-West)
Centre Bienvenue Inc.514-421-2212Community support, activities, workshops, work training & reintegration [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Centre de soir Denise-Massé514-525-8059Activities, social integration, work assistance (evenings and weekends) [F]Montreal
Le Cill450-668-1771
Alternative mental health centre, activities, social rehab, work reintegration [F]Laval
Club AMI514-739-7931Drop-in, arts and crafts, outings, workshops, support groups, computers [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges-NDG)
Community Perspective in Mental Health 514-696-0972Assistance to consumers in community; daily visits, follow-up, life skills, coping [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
Compeer514-489-1007Activities, info sessions, reintegration, volunteer, friends (weekly visits) [E/F]Montreal/Int'l

514-874-1214Long-term social reinsertion program for people encountering trouble with the law [E/F] 18+Montreal
Espoir450-672-4597Home visits, crisis help & intervention,
telephone support, counseling [E/F]
Montreal (South Shore)
Expression LaSalle514-368-3736Art therapy and related workshops, individual counselling [E/F]Montreal (Lasalle)
Face à Face

514-934-4546Social gatherings, support groups, listening line, counseling, assistance [E/F]Montreal
Forward House514-488-9119Drop-in eveninglife & job skills, work placement, social activities, community housing [E/F]Montreal (NDG)
Impact Groupe d'Aide en Santé Mentale514-939-3132Social, cultural & therapeutic activities, supervised apartments [F] (referral)Montreal (South-West)
Multi Caf 514-733-0554Community cafeteria (very cheap) & food bank, activities & workshops [E/F]Montreal (Cote-des-Neiges)
NDG Community Council514-484-1471Resource centre for welfare info, job training, housing, immigration, etc. [E/F]Montreal (NDG)
Omega Community Resources514-631-2760 x104Day centre with activities, work skill building etc. [E/F]Montreal (Dorval)
The Open Door514-939-1970Drop-in centre for homeless, offers meals, clothes, activities, workshops, etc. [E/F]Montreal (Westmount)
Pracom514-527-6766Drop-in, evening social, art, stress, health workshops, work reintegration [F]Montreal (Centre-East)
Projet Collectif en Inclusion à Montréal514-255-1054Inclusive community support helping those with a mental illness [F]Montreal (St-Michel)
Project PAL514-767-4701Housing, rights education, drop-in for consumers, outings, workshops, etc.[E/F]Montreal (South-West)
Projet Suivi Communautaire514-366-0891Psychosocial support, life skills, support to search for an apartment (referral needed)[E/mostly F]Montreal
Le Rebond438-404-9909Support groups, activities promoting socialization, expression workshops, and education [F]Montreal
Relax Action514-385-4868Individual community follow-up, group activities [F]Montreal
Saint Columba House514-932-6202Assistance, support, advocacy, outreach to the community, many programs [E/F]Montreal (Point St. Charles)
Services communautaires Cyprès514-252-0444Short term or long term follow-up at home or in public places, support for recovering, accompaniment [E/F]Montreal
Suivi communautaire Le Fil514-525-0504Support and community follow-up, empowerment based approach for accompaniment [F]Montreal
UP House (Donald Berman)514-764-5599Clubhouse for psychiatric rehabilitation, social & professional reintegration, etc. [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Vers l'équilibre514 251-120012 week program that inclues support and workshops on stress, creativity, self-confidence etc [F]Montreal
Wellington Centre (SPECTRUM) (Douglas Hospital)514-768-2668 x328Skill workshops, work reintegration, education, support groups [E/F] (referral)Montreal (Verdun)