There is a culture in our society that men have to be tough, have to be strong. This can lead to men not reaching out for help when a mental health issue may be present. Among Canadians of all ages, four of every five suicides are male, and an average of eight men take their lives each day. Here are some mental health resources that are specifically for men.


Anxiety BC WebsiteArticle on men and anxiety [E]Online (BC)
Canadian Men's Health Foundation 604-737-2990Changing ideas and stereotypes of men's mental health [E/F]Online (Canada)
Centre de Ressources Pour Hommes de Montreal514-355-8300Anger management group for men; $ ($125 for 10 meetings; sliding scale available) [F]Montreal
Criphase 514-529-5567Services for men who were sexually abused as a child [E/F]Montreal
Eating Disorders of York Region's Riverwalk Wellness Centres 905-886-6632Workshops and resources to understand eating disorders in men [E]ON
Father's Mental Health Network 416-586-4800 x8325Resource for fathers who suffer from mental illness [E]Toronto
Heads Up Guys info@headsupguys.orgHealth strategies for managing and preventing depression in men [E]Online
Health Canada - Men 1-866-225-0709Resources for men's physical and mental health [E/F]Online (Canada)
Help Guide WebsiteArticle on depression in men [E]Online
Men's Health Research WebsiteResearch centre in BC aiming to reduce men's depression and suicide [E]Online (BC)
The Men's D.E.N.WebsiteA network to educate about men and depression [E/F]Canada
Movember Canada WebsiteInformation and resources for men with mental illness to live healthier lives [E/F]Online (Canada)
Santé MontrealWebsiteResources for men's health and well-being [E/F]Online (Montreal)