Social Assistance, Income, Food and Necessities

If you are looking for support for yourself or for a loved one (social assistance, food or other necessities), please see below for organizations that can help you.




Income and Social Assistance
Associations de Consommateurs du Québec WebsiteFinance management workshops, help w/ taxes, budget consultation [F]QC
Clinique d'Impôts514-990-3789Tax services (income tax preparation) by appointment for a small fee [E/F]Montreal (Jean-Talon and centre)
Clinique Droits Devant514-603-0265Helping homeless individuals who get ticketed to pay their debt [F]Montreal
Emploi Quebec1-877-767-8773
Help in finding employment and social welfare; locate your local employment centre [E/F]QC
Le Sac a Dos514-393-8868Allowing homeless individuals to have a PO Box in order to receive mail [F]Montreal
Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi & de la SolidaritéŽ Sociale 1-888-643-4721
Ministry for all information regarding government assistance, file a complaint [E/F]QC
Organisation d'aide aux sans-emplois (ODAS)514-932-3926Represents unemployed, welfare information, resource linkage, consultations [F]Montreal
Project Genesis514-738-2036Assistance w/ housing rights, advocacy, drop-in, etc. [E/F/other]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Saint Columba House514-932-6202Assistance, support, and rights information for social assistance [E/F]Montreal (Point St. Charles)
SociéŽtéŽ d'Habitation QuéŽbec1-800-463-4315Information/resources, shelter allowance program for seniors or fam. w/ at least 1 dependent child [E/F]QC
Tax Clinics Coalition514-484-1471Tax workshops and clinics; information for tax preparation for low income families [E/F]Montreal (NDG)
Food and Necessities
Accueil Bonneau514-845-3906Assistance, housing, food, psychosocial intervention [E/F]Montreal
Chez Doris514-937-2341Meals & clothes, educational & social services for women [E/F]Montreal
Directory of Food Ressources for Low Income People in the Greater Montréal Area514 527-1388 x254Guide to Montreal Food Resources.[E/F]Montreal
MADA Community Centre(514) 342-4969Food bank, cafeteria, clothing, furniture, etc. [E/F]Montreal
MultiCaf514-733-0554Community cafeteria & food bank; very affordable meals, food baskets, etc. [E/F/Other]Montreal (Cote-des-Neiges)
NDG Food depot514-483-4680Providing food services to those in need including food baskets [E/F]Montreal (NDG)
The Open Door514-939-1970Drop-in centre for homeless, offer meals, clothing, free beds, activities, etc. [E/F]Montreal (Westmount)
Optician Philipe Rochette514-303-4315Affordable prescription eyeglasses for those with low incomes [E/mostly F]Montreal
Projets PART514-526-7278Offer food delivery or pick-up of meals prepared by trained consumers [E/F]Montreal
Resto-Plateau514-527-5997Inexpensive meals for low-income individuals, catering, socializing & support [F]Montreal
Sun Youth514-842-6822Food, medical, and other services for those in difficult situations [E/F]Montreal