If you or if someone you love is thinking or talking about suicide, and you are worried for your/their safety, call or text Canada’s new mental health hotline 988. For acute emergencies, call 911 or go to your local hospital.

Please note: AMI-Quebec helps families cope with mental health problems and illnesses in a loved one. We are not a crisis centre; contact the organizations below for help.




Association Québecoise de Prevention du Suicide1-866-277-3553Info, education, support, help, various programs, regional resources, referrals [F]QC
Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention613-702-4446Info, support, education [E/F]Canada
Centre for Suicide Prevention1-833-456-4566Info, toolkit, library, workshops; prevention for children and youth; postvention for indigenous [E]Canada (AB)
Family Survivors of Suicide (FSOS)
Information, resources, support group for family members [mostly E/F]Montreal
First Nations and Inuit Suicide Prevention Association of Quebec (FNISPAQ)514-933-6066Resources, prevention, education, workshops, yearly conference [E/F/Other]QC & NL
Save1-800-273-8255Info, resources, education, crisis line [E]USA
Suicide Action Montreal (SAM) 1-866-277-3553Listening line, education, bereavement support [E/F]Montreal
Suicide.orgWebsiteList of international suicide hotlines [E]International
Suicide Prevention HelpWebsiteWeb directory for suicide prevention resources [E]Online
Tel-Aide514-935-1101Free, anonymous, & non-judgmental listening centre for people in distress [E/F]Montreal
Tel-Jeunes1-800-263-2266 (phone)
514-600-1002 (text)
24/7 support and helpline; phone counseling for kids and teens under 20 [E/F]Montreal