Borderline Personality Disorder

Borderline Personality Disorder (BPD) involves:

-Marked changes in mood for brief periods of time
-Having unstable, intense interpersonal relationships
-Being prone to unpredictable actions which could be self-damaging
-Unstable self-image

AMI-Quebec offers several services for family caregivers of people with BPD. Click HERE for our workshops, HERE for our counselling for families, or HERE for our support groups (BPD for Families for family and friends and Kaleidoscope for people living with BPD themselves).

For a helpful resource sheet that includes videos, books, and links, click HERE.

For organizations that can help you or a loved one understand and cope with BPD, please see below.

Watch Carl’s story: Living with Borderline Personality Disorder




BPD CentralWebsiteInformation about BPD & narcissistic disorder, resources in USA [E]USA
Emotions Matter516-350-8373Offers (among other things) peer to peer BPD online support groups to individuals with BPD or struggling to regulate their emotions [E]USA
National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality DisorderWebsiteInformation, education, fact sheets, resources [E]USA
National Institute of Mental Health - BPD1-866-415-8051Information about diagnosis, symptoms, treatment, risk factors, etc. [E]USA
SashbearWebsiteInformation and training for Borderline Personality Disorder, family connections groups [E,F]Canada
Family Support for Borderline
L'Accolade Sante Mentale450-699-7059
Counselling & support for caregivers, accompaniment, support group for family and friends of individuals with BPD [F]QC (Montreal South-Shore & Chateauguay)
APAMM-RS450-766-0524Education, family counselling, support groups, and conferences [E/F]Montreal (South Shore)
Arborescence (formerly AQPAMM)514-524-7131Support for caregivers of person with BPD, workshops, support groups [F]Montreal (Ville-Marie)
BPD Resource Center1-888-694-2273Information & resources for BPD [E]USA
L'Eclusier du Haut-Richelieu450-346-5252Support group for family and friends of individuals with BPD [F]QC (Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu)
Friends for Mental Health514-636-6885Support groups and counselling for caregivers only [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
La Halte des Proches 450-438-4291
Support group for families and friends of individuals with BPD [F]QC (Saint-Jérome)
Institut Victoria514-954-1848Various clinical services for those with BPD and their families [F]Montreal (Plateau)
National Education Alliance for Borderline Personality Disorder WebsiteEducation and support for families and professionals dealing with BPD [E]USA
Oasis Santé Mentale - Granby450-777-7131
Support group for family and friends of individuals with BPD [F]QC (Granby/Cowansville)
Ottawa Network for Borderline Personality Disorderinfo@on-bpd.caEducation and support for families in Ottawa; some resources are international [E/F]ON (Ottawa)
PABEMSOM (Parents et amis du bien étre mental du sud-ouest de Montréal)514-368-4824Indiv. consultations, information, resources, activities, etc. [F]Montreal (South-West)
Le Phare450-773-7202
Support group for family and friends of individuals suffering from mental illness [F]QC (Saint-Hyacinthe)
Borderline Treatment
Centre de traitement Le Faubourg St-Jean (Pavillon Landry-Poulin)418-648-6166Individual & group therapy for BPD, 6wks or 3yrs, 18+ [F] (referral needed)Quebec City
Clinique externe en santé mentale de Saint-Constant450-635-8807Treatment program, outpatient services, group psychotherapy (referral needed) [E/F]QC (St-Constant)
CLSC de Pierrefonds514-626-2572Program using core mindfulness component in each module [F]Montreal (Pierrefonds)
CLSC du Lac St. Louis514-697-41106-month program starting every September - weekly individual and group therapy, referral needed, 18+ [E/F]Montreal (West Island)
CRD Foster (Foster Addiction Rehabilitation Centre)514-486-1304
Program for people suffering BPD and addiction [E]Montreal
Douglas Hospital (Mood Disorders Program)514-761-6131Evaluation and specialized group treatment for people w/ BPD [E/F] (referral needed)Montreal (Verdun)
Hôpital Charles-Le Moyne450-466-5020Psychiatry department, external day centre, 18+ [E/F]Montreal (South Shore)
Hôpital Pierre-Boucher450-468-8111Day centre, psychiatrists, social workers, etc. [E/F] (must be patients of the hosp.)Montreal (Longueuil)
Institut universitaire en santé mentale de Montréal514-251-2158Outpatient and day hospital program [F] (referral needed)Montreal (Hochelaga)
Institut Victoria514-954-1848Individual & group psychotherapy, private clinic [F] (costs $)Montreal (Plateau)
Jewish General Hospital Personality Disorders Clinic514-340-8222 x27506Group and individual therapy over a period of 6-24 months, for patients who suffer from severe PDs [E/F]Montreal (Côte-des-Neiges)
Maison Saint-Jacques514-526-4132Individual and group psychotherapy (18-50 years of age) [F]Montreal (Ville-Marie)
Personality Disorders Program (MUHC)514-934-1934 x35532Short term and long term programs, indiv. & group therapy [E/F] (referral needed)Montreal (Ville-Marie)
PsyMontreal514-337-2473 x 0Psychotherapy and coaching services for mood disorders and BPD ($) [E/F]Montreal
TARA: Treatment And Research Advancements
for Borderline Personality Disorder
212-966-6514Resource and referral hotline, info about personality disorders, esp. BPD [E]USA